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Photos – The new age of storytelling

If you didn’t pick up on it already, @Facebook ’s acquisition of @Instagram for 1 billion dollars is pretty solid evidence that photo editing and sharing apps are all the rage in the mobile space right now. Even though Facebook paid double what Instagram was valued at, according to @VentureBeat, there’s no mistaking its value for consumers. In fact, after finally hitting the Android Market, Instagram was downloaded over ONE MILLION times in 24 hours on Android, according to this article on @Mashable. We all have fun on photo apps, but Facebook’s acquisition shows that there’s some serious business potential as well. When will the act of photo sharing start being used as a money-making tool, similar to the way that location-based services took off?

I’ll explain myself through an example of my own. One of my very favorite memories, in fact. Back when I was living in San Francisco, my friends and I got tickets to see standup from the Reno 911 cast at Cobb’s Comedy Club in Northbeach.

Let me back up. Reno 911 is my all-time favorite show. My friends and I shared an apartment and didn’t have cable, but we did have every season of Reno. Many nights we felt like the cast lived there too (okay, more like we wished). So needless to say, this was a big night and we weren’t going to let it just come and go. After the show (which was amazing in itself), we waited outside for awhile so we could smell their hair or make eye contact. I don’t know what we expected, really. We couldn’t believe our luck that we were the only ones waiting. But the whole cast came out, and they were just how we’d always imagined. Perfect, pristine.

We got some jokes in with Jonesy. See both our mouths open? That was intentional. I wanted proof that we exchanged jokes. I think I told him he was pretty.

Dangle was thrilled to see us, of course. He asked about our pet fish, back in the apartment.

Can you believe that it got even better? Well, before it got better – it got worse. We heard they were going to a bar in Russian Hill – and as you San Franciscans know, this just leaves Polk Street – so naturally, we went in every bar until we found them. We perched up next to them and actually had the courage to start chatting. Someone from my group cracked a funny that must have impressed them because the next thing we knew, THEY INVITED US TO A PARTY!! Off we went, the 10 musketeers, as we tried to coin.

The next part needs a little background. Anyone who really knows Reno like we do knows that the only beer they drink in the series or the movies is Dogfish Head. And anyone that knows me and my friends, knows that @dogfishbeer is from our hometown in Delaware.

Well, guess what kind of beer was at this party???

There it is, folks. One of the best – if not the best – nights of my life. I realize that this blog post might just seem like a chance to re-live my glory days (and let’s be honest, it is) but I have one question for you – would you have enjoyed it nearly as much (or believed me) without the pictures to prove it?

When this happened in 2009, photos were not the same as they are today. In fact, my friend didn’t upload these onto Facebook until the next day. But if I re-lived this night today, then I would have uploaded all of these immediately with a location tag, and some witty text overlaying it. If people had seen our pictures in real-time, would they have come rushing to Cobb’s Comedy Club and stolen our limelight? I think probably. But would this have benefited Cobb’s Comedy Club? Definitely. Writing about a celeb citing does not have nearly as much of an impact as the story I just told with pictures. For example, do you even know who Thomas Lennon or Cedric Yarbrough are? Hint: I do.

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