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Keeping Up With Social Search

While its never been easier to search online, do you ever feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find exactly what you’re looking for? We’ve all been there— type in a few keywords and Google Search spits out 367, 000,000 results (some from 2005), which are followed by pages of less relevant websites that only made the ranks thanks to keyword optimized content.

As the nature of the web rapidly shifts toward social, it’s no surprise that social media is changing the way we search and find information. Bing recently announced a new Facebook plug-in that will favor websites “liked” by friends on Facebook. Google yanked its social search feature, in favor of Google +1 that allows social networks to recommend web pages that contain relevant and authoritative information. Tulalip is rumored to be Microsoft’s vision of a more social approach to accessing data on the web. Whatever the case may be, the ‘kings of search’ have finally discovered it is human nature to gather information by asking questions from people we know, because we trust the people we know and everyone is an expert at one thing or another.

Social search capitalizes on our social networks, location, demographics, previous search history and key data sets to provide the best possible answer to our queries. It uses our social circles to keep us informed with our immediate surroundings. It restores the local events back into our global lives and connects the social dots we already have in place.

So what are some social search engines available today?

A Business Insider article contributed by Nick Hughes discusses several social search platforms and since there are quite a few to choose from, he has categorized them for us. The categories include location relevance which Locql would fall into, then there is the real-time answers provided by LocalMind, location-agnostic applications such as Aardvark, and the last category is the long term value platform with Quora being a popular choice.

After having a quick experiment with these social search platforms, I was pretty impressed with LocalMind. It’s like having your very own live search customer representative! Type in your question, indicate how quickly you need it answered and enjoy the power of real time information from real people. Like, “how busy is 21st Amendment now?” And learn from real LocalMinds at this restaurant enjoying a pint before the game that, “tables are packed but there are a few seats left at the bar.” And just like that, you have eyes and ears in all your favorite places!

Do you have any favorite social search sites that you use?

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