Oct. 17, 2012 | By

The iPad Mini: Rumors and Thoughts

Last month, I bet the iPhone 5 wouldn’t be announced. This month, I think I’ll leave betting behind, but I will be watching the upcoming (rumored October 23) Apple announcement very closely for the much-anticipated iPad Mini. The rumor mill has been churning for quite some time about the new tablet expected to rival the …+

Oct. 15, 2012 | By

Now’s The Time To Holiday Pitch

An article posted on Ragan’s PR Daily website this month made me think about getting those holiday pitches in order. The holidays, for sure, bring lots of joy and gatherings amongst family and friends. The holidays are also a great time for PR professionals to prepare fun pitching angles and solution-type media campaigns aimed at …+

Oct. 12, 2012 | By

Twitter’s Role in the NHL Lockout @stopthelockout2012 #becauseitsthelockout

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a true blue New York Rangers fan. I live in Florida so I am used to following this up by explaining that they are a professional hockey team that play in the NHL.  Right now, the NHL is experiencing a lockout…again. Preseason and part of the regular …+

Oct. 11, 2012 | By

Social Media in the Classroom

As social media’s presence continues to strengthen, we are beginning to see its use in new environments. Now we are seeing its impact on education. Our Vantage interns from the University of Central Florida are no strangers to using social media for class.  An AD/PR professor at UCF uses twitter to send updates on class …+

Oct. 8, 2012 | By

The Power of Social Media and Politics

Every four years, our lives are overtaken by two people, going head-to-head for the honor and responsibility to lead our country. Presidential elections have now become infamous for its complete infiltration into the media, from TV ads to newspaper articles to radio spots…and now social media. Over the past two presidential elections social media has …+

Oct. 4, 2012 | By

Professional Development with New Clients

I just recently started watching Mad Men and have only gotten to Season 2. And yes, I constantly have to avert my eyes or hit mute when spoilers about the current season come up on the news. I have figured out by now that neither Peggy nor Don dies or gets written out of the …+

Oct. 2, 2012 | By

Four Facebook Creep Factors

Facebook. It’s inescapable. Heck, I’m tired of writing about it even as I write this sentence. But lately the controversies surrounding the social media giant seem ubiquitous and, well, creepy. No, I’m not talking about the switch to timeline or even stock options that seem to be declining in value faster than an NFL replacement …+