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Three big cheers to our three new interns that have joined the Orlando office for the Spring semester. We are very pleased to welcome from left to right order: Lauren Durando (aka El Dorado), Monique Sampaolo, and Felicia Cruz (aka CRUUUUUUUUZZZ).              

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Post CES: A roundup of roundups!

The second week of January marks the end of a very busy time for those of us who live in techland – or more specifically, gadget land. The much hyped (and overcrowded) Consumer Electronics Show is over and of course several publications are posting their annual roundups. So, here’s a roundup to a roundup and …+

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013

We’ve been counting down to one of the biggest tech shows of the year – that’s right – CES 2013 kicks off today. There has been a lot of buzz in the industry leading up to this much anticipated event. Examiner.com editor Keith McFarland has written some great articles in anticipation for the event that probably …+

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The Forecast is Cloudy

Cloud computing has been a topic of conversation for a long time. Once upon a time, it was known as “hosted,” with original roots in PowerPoint diagrams that used a cloud shape to represent the Internet, but now has the added complexity of associated virtualization.  A reasonable definition for cloud computing is the storage and …+

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Happy New Year!

From all of us at Vantage to all of you: A Very Happy and Healthy New Year with lots of Great Success in 2013!            

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Vantage! Stay warm this holiday season!

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Top 2012 Lists

I know some folks hate the top 2012/end-of-year lists (and I won’t mention any names) but I’m quite fond of them.  Maybe it’s because I’m in the tech PR space and there is so much activity and noise during the year that after a while it can become a blur as to what happened in …+