Nov. 6, 2012 | By

Can Videoconferencing Replace In-Person Meetings?

 As videoconferencing’s images get sharper, and the technology gets more reliable, companies are turning to Skype, Webex, Vidyo and other videoconferencing offerings to replace in-person meetings.  Considering the airfare, hotel and other travel efforts and expenses involved in many in-person meetings, the videoconferencing alternative is easy to set up and much less expensive.   But can …+

Oct. 30, 2012 | By

Microsoft’s Surface: Is it Worth it?

 Just a few days ago, Microsoft released its Surface tablet, but is it even a contender in a market dominated by iPads? With Kindles, Nooks and a new iPad Mini, how can this product compete? Two words: Microsoft Office. In a Computerworld article, buyers are citing Office as the main reason for purchasing the new tablet, some …+

Oct. 23, 2012 | By

Social Networking Site To Connect PR And Startups—Why Not?

The soon to be launched site AirPR, a social networking startup that Rip Empson at TechCrunch calls “ for startups and PR”, has already created a lot of buzz. Much of the discussion around the site is how this will or will not fix what is wrong with PR. We’ll have to wait to see …+

Oct. 22, 2012 | By

Will the PC be the Next VCR?

Back in the day, the VCR was a big deal giving us the capability to record TV programs and watch them at our convenience, easily view movies in the home and produce and view homemade content. The VCR then was replaced by the DVD, Blue-Ray, DVRs and video-on-demand. While the VCR has not disappeared, in …+

Oct. 17, 2012 | By

The iPad Mini: Rumors and Thoughts

Last month, I bet the iPhone 5 wouldn’t be announced. This month, I think I’ll leave betting behind, but I will be watching the upcoming (rumored October 23) Apple announcement very closely for the much-anticipated iPad Mini. The rumor mill has been churning for quite some time about the new tablet expected to rival the …+

Oct. 15, 2012 | By

Now’s The Time To Holiday Pitch

An article posted on Ragan’s PR Daily website this month made me think about getting those holiday pitches in order. The holidays, for sure, bring lots of joy and gatherings amongst family and friends. The holidays are also a great time for PR professionals to prepare fun pitching angles and solution-type media campaigns aimed at …+

Oct. 12, 2012 | By

Twitter’s Role in the NHL Lockout @stopthelockout2012 #becauseitsthelockout

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a true blue New York Rangers fan. I live in Florida so I am used to following this up by explaining that they are a professional hockey team that play in the NHL.  Right now, the NHL is experiencing a lockout…again. Preseason and part of the regular …+