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Fun Friday

For this Fun Friday edition, our talented Vantage duo show their skills beyond PR – playing the board game “Smart Ass”.

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Behind the Scenes of Reaching More Eyeballs

Not too long ago we believed that it just came down to luck on which tweet, post or YouTube clip went viral. That still carries weight but there are ways you can gain more attention by keeping the following tips in mind. Here’s a Top 10 list that could help steer your content to the …+

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The Power of a “PR-Free” Announcement

An integrated communications plan is the bread and butter of any announcement.  The minute a story hits the wire, you better believe a good PR Specialist is already tracking coverage from embargoed stories that are going live, taking screen shots of social posts that have been posted, and booking additional media briefings for follow-ups.  In …+

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#SochiProblems – Tweets from the Games

We are right in the middle of the Winter Olympics and once again social media, specifically Twitter, is playing a big role in this year’s games. The buzz that has been generated really started before the torch was even lit. Upon arriving in Sochi, media personalities and athletes took to their Twitter feeds to share …+

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Do you have time for a briefing?

The media briefing provides several purposes. For example it can be an effective tool for educating editors on a vendor’s product or service or an introduction to learn more about the company.  Below are some tips for maximizing the briefing for both the editor and the vendor.  1. Be prepared.  Both the editor and vendor need …+

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Twitter – Today’s Complaint Hotline

Back in the day if you had a problem with a company or its products/services you would write a formal letter (or more recently, an email) and send it to the company contact. The company employee in charge of handling customer complaints would then handle your issue and typically provide some type of remedy on …+