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April1: April Fools’ Day or Just Another Monday?

Today’s the day for those saving up their pranks to have some fun at the expense of others. And for the others (you know who you are), you should seek additional caution today and choose to be more skeptical than usual. If it’s too good to be true or smells a little fishy – it probably is. For the rest of us that hope to stay clear of both of these sides, how about a peak instead at some past hoaxes as well as one getting lots of attention on this very first day of April.

Some of the best technology-driven hoaxes from past years have been captured in an article post from Chip Chick. The article included past pranks from LinkedIn, YouTube and Google timed especially for April Fools’ Day.  For this year, however, Google got a head start for its April Fools prank by sending out a message earlier this weekend that it plans to delete all the old YouTube videos and only keep the best video in the world, which they are currently in the process of determining. So how will the best video in the world be determined? By viewing every video on YouTube of course and with the current statistics from YouTube – that might take awhile. The VentureBeat article by @seanludwig highlighted this year’s Google prank and at the end of Sean’s article there is a pretty convincing video from the YouTube team about its plans. Looks like we may just have to wait until tomorrow, April 2, to find out the current status of YouTube and their April prank. Stay tuned.

I’m sure we’ll come across several more pranks and hoaxes before the day is done.

Do you have any memorable April Fools’ Day pranks to share?

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